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The Front Office Department is usually the “First Impression” of a Hotel. The image that all the Front Office staff project during their interaction with clients can be a vital essence for guests to return to an establishment. It is therefore important that each Front Office team member has the same professional approach towards the guest and to always be a step ahead while at the same time they all deliver their duties based on the Hotel’s Operating Standards.

At the end of the program the participants will supplement their knowledge and learn how to use the new techniques necessary to perform their duties efficiently in the Front Office Department.

Topics: * Importance of the Front Office Department in the hotel’s operation

* The First Impression
* Internal communication of the department and with other departments
* Inter-personal communication and time management
* Different kinds of reservations and tips for upgrading
* Pre-preparation and preparation for an arrival
* Methods of upgrading the guest service quality
* Welcoming and checking-in of guests
* Identifying different types of clients and ways to meet their needs
* Creating guest history
* Checking out and ways for committing the client to return