Dec 5: UNESCO Chairs Seminar for Africa's future

The UNESCO Chairs Seminars are focused on key issues in Africa, under the theme "Transforming Knowledge for Africa's Future". This seminar series provides an interdisciplinary venue for UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks, and other experts, to engage with each of the 5 Flagship Programmes of the Operational Strategy for Priority Africa 2022-2029. 
These online seminars mobilise the collective intelligence and experience of UNESCO's network of some 1000 university Chairs and UNITWIN networks from around the world to exchange on emerging issues related to sustainable development. Through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary discussions, the seminars aim to push back the boundaries of knowledge on topics related to UNESCO's mandate in education, culture, communication and the sciences, as well as broader issues for the United Nations.
Open to the public, they bring together the UNESCO Chairs community, researchers, civil society representatives, practitioners and UN specialists to an open platform for discussion, collaboration and knowledge exchange, with a view to expanding cooperation to tackle the pressing issues of our time. The UNESCO Chairs Seminars were prepared in follow up to the UNITWIN 30th Anniversary Conference on Transforming Knowledge for Just and Sustainable Futures, held in November 2022.

This seminar will focus on:

Advancing the Reflection and the Action on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
5 December 2023 - 3:00 pm - 5 December 2023 - 4:30 pm
Location: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
Rooms : Room VII
Type : Cat VII – Seminar and training
Arrangement type : Virtual
Language(s) :French, English