ALGEST 2021 Industrial Subcontarcting

ALGEST 2021 : a 3 DAYS Hybrid Event for Industrial Subcontracting ,with an online exhibition dedicated exclusively to foreign companies.

The sixth edition of the International Subcontracting Exhibition «ALGEST 2021» , organised by WTC Algiers in partnership with The Algerian Subcontracting Agency BASTP ,   takes place at an extremely important moment for the development of the Algerian economy in general and the industry in particular, highlighted by The government determintion to diversify the economy in order to boost the industrial sector and increase its share of GDP.

In this perspective, 2021 will see the consolidation of the efforts made by the government in the establishment of incentive mechanisms for the development of industrial subcontracting in particular.

Improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the subcontracting sector is the real guarantee for building a solid relationship between the industrial partners.

This sustained dynamic will have the direct effect of densifying the industrial base , and meeting the pressing demand of the national industry, from which we can mention:

The tramway manufacturing in Annaba (East coast ) in partnership with ALSTOM,
The manufacture of public works and lifting equipment with LIEHBER in Constantine (East coast );
The manufacture of new American agricultural tractors «Massey Ferguson» in Constantine (East coast );
Combine harvester in partnership with the Finns in Sidi Bel Abbes( West coast) ;
Factories in electronics and household appliances sectors;
Production of automotive tyres, much of which is exported to the USA
Investments made in the mechanical sector in particular, as well as all future projects such as automotive construction projects according to the new specifications and equipment for renewable energy projects.

Building partnerships with foreign investors is essential for our SMEs, facilitated by the removal of the 49/51% rule, In the perspective of an accelerated mastery of technological and managerial processes that will allow the optimal use of national production capacities but also a better integration with international value chains.

It is all these issues related to industrial subcontracting that will be raised by the participants in this 6th edition ALGEST 2021, a part of which will be virtual especially for foreign participants if they cannot travel due to the sanitary situation.

This event, which is organized in sectoral clusters and by industrial specialities, will offer to the participants meetings and B2B spaces as well as the opportunity to learn about the legal conditions and regulation , related to economic environment that preside over the in the development of partnership in the field of industrial subcontracting.

In this sense, the ALGEST 2021 exhibition is an excellent opportunity for a fruitful and constructive dialogue between partners and industrial subcontractors.

We invite you to participate and contribute to building a modern integrated industry that creates wealth and jobs.

We remain at your entire disposal for further information .

Please feel free to contact Us :

Mrs . Kamla IDIR