21st Century MSR Youth Entrepreneur Internatioanl

QUANZHOU, CHINAThe 21st Century MSR Youth Entrepreneur Internatioanl Conference (China•Quanzhou)

In order to promote and build up a platform for innovation and cooperation between the young entrepreneurs along the maritime silk road,Youth Federation of Fujian Province and Youth Federation of Quanzhou City are planning to hold up the 21st MSR Youth Entrepreneur International Conference, inviting up to 150 young entrepreneurs from countries along the maritime silk road ,such as Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabic, The United Arab Emirates etc.

Quanzhou, as the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, are trying to get together young entrepreneurs to explore the potential of business project cooperation, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation to a new high and in new forms.

Introduction to Quanzhou 

Quanzhou (Chinese:泉州) formerly known as Zayton, is the largest city of Fujian Province, China. Quanzhou is located in the southeast of Fujian Province, and faces the Taiwan Strait. Quanzhou is also a civilized city with a long history,well-known as the “maritime silk road”point of origin. In older English works, its name may appear as Chinchew, Chinchu, Choanchew, or Zayton, from Arabic.

The prefecture-level city of Quanzhou has an area of 11,245 square kilometers (4,342 sq mi) and, as of the 2010 Census, a population of 8,128,530 inhabitants. Its extended metropolitan (built-up area) is home to 6,107,475 inhabitants, encompassing three urban districts, eight counties, and two economic development zones.Quanzhou is now the 12th largest Chinese extended metropolitan area, with its famous traditional industries, such as shoes and apparel industry, food industry, construction industry, intelligence manufacturing industry, agriculture, etc.


September 24th ---September 27th, 2016


Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

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