2024 WTCA Day Special: APAC Industrial Parks

Industrial park development has picked up pace in Asia Pacific in recent years due to the region’s rapid economic development and industrialization. Many countries in the region such as China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam has actively developed and promoted industrial parks to attract FDIs, boost manufacturing capacity and create job opportunities. As one of the largest international trade network in the world, the global WTC connectivity and trade facility have added an important dimension to support the industrial park drive and regional prosperity. The 2024 WTCA Day webinar features Mr. Richard Osmond, President and CEO of Science Park of the Philippines and a panel of WTC executives in the region to share their perspective on the landscape of industrial park development in the region and the role of WTC network.

- Preliminary Agenda -

(online webinar with English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation)

 -- Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)

 -- Keynote Speech  (20 minutes)

    Industrial Estates Development in Asia Pacific and Philippines

     ▪  Mr. Richard Osmond

        President and CEO of Science Park of the Philippines, Inc.  

 -- Panel Discussion (30 minutes)

     Industrial Park Development and WTC Network 

     ▪  Panel Moderator -- Mr. Neil Kidd

        CEO, WTC Perth, Australia

     ▪  Mr. Dezhi Jiang        

        Chairman, CCPIT/WTC Tianjin, China

     ▪  Ms. Huỳnh Đinh Thai Hái Linh                

        CEO & Board Director, WTC Binh Duong New City, Vietnam   

     ▪  Dr. Jitendra Sharma

        CEO, Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone/WTC AMTZ, India 

 -- 2024 WTCA APAC Regional Meeting Update (10 minutes)

     ▪  Ms. Xiaolan Zhu      

        Chief Representative, WTC Haikou, China

-- Q&A (10 minutes)