11th Annual Global Services Summit

“Unleashing the Benefits of Services and Digital Trade”

The Summit is a one-day event which brings together over 300 senior trade officials, policy makers, and business leaders from around the world to discuss timely international trade issues, with a specific focus on services. Cross-border services are growing at a much faster rate than goods trade, and new technologies and digitally enabled services are creating tremendous opportunities for more inclusive trade.

Hear from leading policymakers and corporate decision makers on key trends in the services landscape, and how we can better harness the benefits, including broader access to economic opportunity, that services innovation makes possible.

Theme: Unleashing the Benefits of Services and Digital Trade

Services trade is seriously undercounted. When services share of global value chains, goods exports, transfers between foreign affiliates and free services are taken into account, services’ share of global trade increases from 23 percent to 50 percent according to new studies by McKinsey Global Institute and the WTO Secretariat. At the same time, global trade patterns are shifting with goods-producing Global Value Chains becoming less trade intensive and cross-border services growing at a much faster rate than goods trade. Cross-border data flows, new technologies and digitally enabled services are now playing a much bigger role in GVCs.

Is the global trading system in sync with this evolution? Are we building the right regional and bilateral trade agreements that will allow us to harness the benefits and greater inclusion that services and digital services can bring? Are we ready to handle the impact on domestic and global workforces?


7:45am: Registration Opens

8:15am: Welcome

8:25am: Morning Keynote

8:45am: Greater Inclusion through Digital Innovation

9:30am: The Post-Brexit Landscape for Services Trade

10:30am: Building a WTO Consensus on Digital Trade and Services

11:15am: Threats to the E-Commerce Moratorium

12:15pm: Lunch Keynote Speaker

1:25pm: Networking Break

1:45pm: The Trade Guys: Live from the CSI Summit

2:30pm: Congressional Panel: Trade Views from Capitol Hill

3:15pm: APEC and the Asia Pacific’s Role in Paving the Way for Digital Trade Flows

4:15pm: Easing the Burden of the Global Patchwork of Cybersecurity Requirements: Leading on Data Security, Privacy, and Protection

4:35pm: Facing the Challenges in India’s Market

5:15pm: Reception