Julia Xiong

Julia Xiong, Chairwoman, World Trade Center Beijing

Ms. Julia Xiong, born in December 1965, received her Doctor’s degree in Law from Peking University, majoring in international relations. Currently, she is Chairperson of WTC Beijing, President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council, and President of the Beijing International Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Xiong is highly experienced in the business and trade sector, with nearly 20 years of experience in research for decision-making in government organizations. Being enterprising and enthusiastic, and proficient in the English language, she served as deputy director of the Research Office of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, deputy director of the editor-in-chief's office of China Daily Hong Kong branch, deputy general manager of Beijing Huarong Investment Company, director of the Olympic village mayor's office during 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and director of the Beijing pavilion during 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Since she took the position of chairperson at WTC Beijing in 2007, she has been committed to promoting the development of world trade centers with enthusiasm and excellent leadership. Actively engaged in activities of the WTCA Headquarters and its network in the Asia-Pacific region, she has supported and actively participated in a lot of important work of WTCA and made great achievements, making outstanding contribution to the development of world trade centers in the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region. Under her leadership, WTC Beijing supported WTCA in holding its 41st Global Annual Meeting in Beijing in 2010, successfully held WTCA 2012 Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Region in 2012; supported the establishment of WTCA Beijing Representative Office in 2013 so as to provided services to the world trade center network in the Asia-Pacific region; helped established World Trade Center Guiyang in 2014, which was unveiled in 2015 by WTCA President Mr. Ghazi Abu Nar. Besides, Ms. Julia Xiong has made active efforts to promote the integration of facilities and services at WTC Beijing, and has signed cooperation agreements with China Oceanwide Group and two other companies for the construction of WTC Beijing complex, creating a new model for the construction of the world trade centres which combines policy support from the government and market-oriented operations by enterprises. Giving full play to the WTC Beijing’s unique advantages of a flexible status, extensive international connections, and rich experience in exhibition and convention, she brought enterprises to WTCA global annual meetings, annual meetings of the Chinese-speaking region, CIFIT at WTCA, the World Trade Center China Forum and other activities, which has effectively built the international influence of WTCA, and promoted economic and trade cooperation and mutual support among WTCA members.

Headed by Ms. Xiong, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council and Beijing International Chamber of Commerce have built a professional international trade promotion and service system and a high-level global network of chambers of commerce, and successfully established a series of platforms for large international economic and trade activities, such as China Beijing International High-tech Expo which has continued for 17 sessions, the China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo which has seen 9 sessions, the Meeting of International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Beijing, which has been held for 11 times, BICCC which has had two sessions, and activities for the Beijing industrial and commercial circle during APEC Beijing 2014. All these have helped Beijing gather global industrial resources, facilitate capital utilization, and promote trade and cooperation.

As China becomes the largest trader, the 2nd largest economy, the 2nd largest investment-attracting country, and the 3rd largest global investor, with Ms.Julia Xiong's successful election as board member of WTCA, the resources at the disposal of WTC Beijing under her leadership will be valuable resources for WTCA’s global development, infusing strong impetus to WTCA’s endeavor to promote trade and cooperation around the world.