Sarah Emmerton

Sarah Emmerton, Interim Executive Director, World Trade Center Chicago

WTC Chicago has appointed Sarah Emmerton as its Interim Executive Director.

Sarah is the Director of Research at the Chicago-based real estate and hospitality consulting firm Johnson Consulting. Sarah joined Johnson Consulting in 2010 after working in London as a regeneration/redevelopment analyst with one of the area’s local redevelopment authorities. Prior to that, Sarah worked as a real estate analyst and consultant with a strategic real estate consulting firm in Melbourne, Australia. She has experience working across a range of different real estate markets, on a variety of projects completed on behalf of both public and private sector clients.

At Johnson Consulting, Sarah specializes in market and financial analysis for convention, hospitality, and real estate projects, with a particular focus on mixed-use developments, multi-purpose event and entertainment venues, convention and conference centers, hotels, and fairgrounds. Johnson Consulting has previously conducted research on the impact of selected World Trade Centers on their respective communities, conducted on behalf of the WTCA, as well as individual World Trade Centers around the world.

Sarah leads Johnson Consulting in market research, case study development, and consumer and customer survey analysis. Her background in urban planning equips her with a sound understanding of how to apply the principles and practices of strategic planning to undertake projects that best respond to a community’s needs and maximize the benefits for the local, regional and national economies.