Danica Milovanovic

Danica Milovanovic, Membership & Business Development Lead - Central & Eastern Europe

Danica joined WTCA team in Europe in March 2022 taking on responsibility for membership engagement and business development in Central and Eastern Europe. She coordinates membership activities within Europe and supports expanding WTCA's regional impact.

As an international business manager and highly experienced association executive, Danica has proven track record in directing large-scale across-the-board development programs and projects across service industry, both in the public and private sector.

Danica holds BBA degree from the Graduate School of Business Administration (Zürich, Switzerland), State University of New York (Albany NY, USA) and Eberhard-Karls University (Tübingen, Germany), in addition to Bachelor degree in mathematics from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

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  • Connecting and partnering with WTCA members in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Joining the WTCA worldwide network of trade and real estate relationships



Able to interconnect businesses and grow networks