Michael Mattox

Michael Mattox, CEO, World Trade Center San Francisco

Mr. Michael Mattox has been an entrepreneur
for approximately 25 years. He holds a
Masters of Business Administration and has
held positions as Marketing Director and
Director of Business Development at several
international companies. He is currently CEO
of Access U.S. Oil and Gas, Inc. and World Trade
Center–San Francisco. He also serves as the
Managing Member of Access the USA, LLC, a
Washington limited liability company (“AUSA”)
and managing entity of Washington Regional
Center, a USCIS-designated regional center.
AUSA and Washington Regional Center have
previously raised EB-5 financing to purchase
bonds for the 520 Bridge Replacement project
in the State of Washington and have obtained
I-924 approval for that project. Mr. Mattox has
worked with economic development agencies
at both the state and local levels and has
owned and managed several businesses.
He has also been an Adjunct Professor of
Marketing for St. Martins University in the
United States and Shanghai, China.