Jos Spinhoven

Jos Spinhoven, CEO CONEXUS Holding B.V.

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Jos Spinhoven’s career renders him an exemplary candidate to spearhead innovation in the auctioning realm. With over two decades of experience in the online auction business, coupled with the establishment of a substantial real estate portfolio spanning the Netherlands and Spain, Jos brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Pioneering his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 17, he has since incubated numerous enterprises revolving around the auction-style selling paradigm. This trajectory has afforded him profound insights into the requisites of both sellers and buyers within auction platforms.

Embarking on the next phase of CONEXUS's vision entails the development of an integrated marketplace/auction platform accessible to all. "Many business clubs predominantly cater to B2B entities, leaving B2C enterprises at a disadvantage". To rectify this imbalance, we have resolved to incorporate an auction platform into our business club, empowering members to showcase and vend their services and products. The subscription fee doubles as a promotional tool on the auction platform, ensuring members derive immediate value from their membership investment.

Distinguishing this auction platform from its counterparts is its emphasis on cultivating a robust business club ecosystem, seamlessly replenishing the marketplace with fresh opportunities. Rather than relying solely on attracting new sellers, membership fees will primarily underwrite platform promotion and clientele acquisition, enabling members to unlock new avenues for sales.

Augmenting CONEXUS's business club expansion with the integration of an auction platform is complemented by the introduction of a digital wallet. "Our platform stands out by prioritizing the establishment of a thriving business club that continuously fuels the marketplace through integrated credit lines for promotional endeavors". The digital wallet, intricately linked to both the business club and auction platform, offers a myriad of functionalities, serving as a comprehensive financial solution. Providing clients with transparent balance tracking, expenditure monitoring, streamlined payment options, and more, the CONEXUS wallet aims to be a trusted ally in financial management, accessible across all devices including Android and Apple apps, as well as through web platforms.

In addition to these offerings, CONEXUS envisions a social media-like platform tailored for businesses and professionals to connect and exchange reviews, enabling the bookmarking of favorites for future engagements. Members will enjoy access to facilities and services offered by affiliated business clubs across Europe, including boardroom and office utilization privileges.



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