Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez, Business Development Consultant- Mexico

Maria has been an advanced levels English professor at the University of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

She worked as a Public Relations Assistant and English-Spanish Translator in the area of Economic Strategies Management in the Government of the state of Tamaulipas, supporting the organization of the international event: "Poverty, Reality and Challenge, International Colloquium for Human Dignity" bringing together about 70 specialists from around the world.

She joined the Economic Strategies Department of the Secretary of Economic Development and Employment as a Specialized Assistant and English-Spanish Personalized Translator, for the International Event "The Competitiveness of the Regions, the challenge of the 21st century" where its areas of development were the public relations area, coordination and logistics of the event, organization of alternative activities for exhibitors from different parts of Mexico, United States and South America.

She joined the Water Resources General Direction in the State Water Commission of Tamaulipas, as personal assistant to the General Director and was on charge of the the communication and Public Relations area.

Also attended the Fourth World Water Forum in Mexico City as a participant in the stant representing the State of Tamaulipas as a direct support in English-Spanish translation among the various world personalities who visited the stand.

She was part of the design and the proper function of the stand that would represent the State, as well as for the organization and coordination of the personnel participating in this event.

The Governor of the State of Tamaulipas, sets her as the head of the Coordination Department of Municipality Links in the State Institute of Women , giving training talks about Gender Equity, Domestic Violence, Self-Esteem and Women's Rights, in the different municipalities, as well as one of the main functions was to maintain contact between the various Institutes of Women in the different municipalities coordinating them with each other, to properly carry out the projects approved at the state level.

She also joined the Financial and accounting Management area in her city Government as a Financial and Accounting Analyst, performing various functions among which are:
-Elaboration of Bank and Warehouse Reconciliations.
-Elaboration and analysis of journal entries.
-Analysis of Accounting Folios and Payment Orders in the System.
-Checks preparation and bank transfers.
-Analysis and application of bank commissions generated daily from the different bank statements of the banks registered in the organization.
-Daily application of budgetary policy of such commissions.
-Analysis and capture of invoices that come in through the organization from the different suppliers.
-Quarterly public account with bank reconciliations, preparation and delivery of bank reconciliations for quarterly cuts and annual public account.
-Preparation of format f-rf-16 with bank information for quarterly cuts and annual public account.
-Analysis, validation and capture of invoices to verify the expenditure of the different warehouses.
-Confirmation of bank balances via telephone and internet on a daily basis and preparation income reports , balances and deposits, among others.

She attended a training about Actions for the Implementation of the Governmental General Law of Accounting provisions by the Superior Audit Office of the State, dealing with topics such as:
Legal and Regulatory Framework of Governmental Accounting.
Chart of Accounts and Budget Classifiers.
Accounting and Budgetary Records.
Accounting Moments.
Accounting and Budgetary Information.
Public Account.
Transparency and Dissemination of Financial Information.
Accounting Records of Federal Contribution Funds, among others.

She is the Ninji foundation Director (Non profit association) promoting the well-being of families, supporting communities and governments for social development.