• WTC Noida Joins Deliberations @ Realty+ Conclave - Noida | New Delhi, Nov 2022:  The Services arm of 13 World Trade Centers in India attends 14th edition of Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards 2022 at New Delhi To inspire and engage a larger, more inclusive audience spanning across the country in real estate and inf... more

  • WTCKL Dr. Ibrahim Bags Two Awards During Pandemic - Kuala Lumpur | World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL) Group Managing Director Datuk Seri Irmohizam Ibrahim has won the "Special Industry Recognition Award" and "Honorary Recognition of COVID-19 Front-Liners Award" for actively fighting for the struggling business events industry due to ... more

  • Destination Rennes's article about the WTC RB - Rennes Bretagne | WTC Rennes Bretagne : "We cherish exchanging, linking and sharing experiences" Because working internationally cannot be improvised, experts and business leaders from the Rennes area work together in an international business network. WTC Rennes Bretagne led by and for busi... more

  • Journées Club du WTC Rennes Bretagne - Rennes Bretagne | The replays of the "Journées Clubs du  World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne" are officially on line ! What do those events consist in ? 3 days, 5 countries, and a number of qualified speakers who shared their personal and professional experience in those particular countries... more

  • WTCIS Facilitates visit of MPIIF at GIFT City - Noida | World Trade Center India Services has recently facilitated visit of Madhya Pradesh Industrial & Infrastructure Forum at WTC GIFT City to explore joint cooperation opportunities, promotion of Trade & Investment, empowering women entrepreneurs, start-ups & incubat... more

  • Navy seeking bids for 70-acre NAVWAR property - San Diego | The federal government is offering the land for “in-kind” consideration, meaning it would exchange the site, in lieu of cash, for 1.43 million sq/ft of new facilities. BY JENNIFER VAN GROVE NOV. 15, 2022  2:15 PM PT The Navy is officially seeking bids to rema... more

  • Experts discuss leadership to face uncertain world - Mumbai | The world needs new breed of leaders whose qualities are rooted in our traditional value system to deal with the 21st century issues of conflict and uncertainty. This was the unanimous opinion of all the distinguished speakers at the panel session on ‘21st Century Leadersh... more

  • Experts discuss benefits of Circular Economy model - Mumbai | Scientists and environmentalists have long been advocating eco-friendly production and consumption practices that eliminate disposal of waste in the landfill and that ensures optimal use of available natural resources. Economies are transitioning to a new model of economic ... more

  • WTC METRO MANILA FEATURES PHILCONSTRUCT - Metro Manila | World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) was selected by the WTCA to feature one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions that it hosts in its halls under the pilot edition of the Market Access Program, Philconstruct. Completing the host line-up of WTCs of the first M... more

  • India - Emerging market for Chilean fruits & wines - Mumbai | Chile was the first country in South America to sign a preferential trade agreement with India in 2005. However, bilateral trade between both countries has remained stagnant around USD 2.5 billion in the last decade. There is untapped trade potential in mineral ores, ag... more