Jun 30, 2014

LUGANO, SWITZERLAND - Mr. Sharad Upasani, Vice Chairman-WTC Mumbai, Mr. Y.R. Warerkar, Executive Director-WTC Mumbai, Mr. Firoze B. Andhyarujina, Tax Advisor, WTC Mumbai and Mr. Ajay Khatlawalla, Legal Advisor, WTC Mumbai, visited WTC Lugano on 5th May, 2014. They were received by Mr. Renato Dellea, President, Mr. Stefano Schira, Director and Ms. Veronique Larssen, Communications Executive.   

The Lugano WTC model was explained by Mr. Renato Dellea, President of WTC Lugano. The entire Center is managed by four –five persons. Mr. Dellea has got controlling ownership in WTC Lugano and is managed as a private company. The World Trade Center Lugano is a well-known center, established 20 years ago to offer all businesses, large and small, the opportunity to work in a comfortable and well-equipped environment and benefit from professional services, international trade facilitation and global networks, Business services & assistance, Co-located facilities and services, Global recognition through the WTCA brand.

It has four small towers out of which two towers are sold on out right basis and in remaining two towers office space is rented to various companies. WTC Lugano also provides trade promotion services, and other business related services. It also specializes in offering relocation services to Italian businessmen. 

Italian Advisor of WTC Lugano pointed out that Lugano is located very near the Italian border, which is about 20-30 mins, with Milan about an hour away from it. He also informed, that there were many people commuting daily from Italy to Lugano for jobs because its prospects of trade, commerce, banking and financial services were very bright.  In addition, labor is cheap due to its strategic location close to Italian border, labour.

Mr. Renato urged that Indian businessmen should have a look at opportunities in Lugano, and set up industries that have a need for IT related services, which is in high demand.

Mr. Upasani gave information in brief about the activities and facilities available at WTC Mumbai. He further informed that WTC Mumbai was also taking steps to start new WTCs in India, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, and Goa. Since these locations are well known for tourism, the WTC Mumbai plans to establish WTC Clubs there as well.  Upasani also gave information of forthcoming Global Economic Summit in September, along with World TF Assembly. He requested to bring a delegation from WTC Lugano.

The meeting ended with the signing the Memorandum of Understanding, for future cooperation between both the Centers.

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