WTC Mumbai signed MoU with CCI Serbia, Belgrade

Jul 01, 2014

MUMBAI, INDIA - Capt. Somesh Batra, Vice Chairman –WTC Mumbai visited Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, Belgrade on 6th May 2014. He met with Vidosava Dzagic - Vice President, Zoran Bojovic PhD - Advisor to the President, Zorica Jekic - Senior Advisor, Dragana Camagic - Senior Advisor and Ljiljana Zarkovic - Senior Advisor Interpretor and apprised them on the scope and activities of WTC Mumbai. In addition, a presentation of WTC Mumbai was made and a copy of presentation along with brochures was handed over to them.

Batra invited CCIS Belgrade to participate in the forthcoming Global Economic Summit at WTC Mumbai from 11-13 September 2014.
Located at Belgrade, the Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Serbia is the apex Chamber of 16 regional chambers in the country. This is the oldest chamber of the country established "in 1857 with 20000 members. The main activities of Serbian Chamber of Commerce are: representing the interests of members in front of the state authorities and institutions, carrying out the public powers by the issuance of various documents, improvement of the international economic relations and promotion of the economy both in the country and abroad, providing business information and consulting services, business training, fostering good business practices and business ethics, courts and Court of Arbitration at the CCIS etc.

Serbia is one of the candidate countries for entering European Union and it has been suggested that manufacturing in this area for European market will have benefit. The labor cost in Serbia is among the lowest in Europe and corporate tax is low at 15%. Serbia is a free trade zone in collaboration with Russian Federation and products produced get a 97% duty reduction for exports to Russia. 

In addition, it has a preferential trade tariff to EU, USA and SAFTA. Serbia in the past worked closely with Govt. of India for military hardware and is interested in re-entering that area of business.

Chamber would like WTC Mumbai to assist in promoting their business and country.
Capt Batra also sought improvement in Visa issuance procedures and policies as it is cumbersome and time consuming. They promised that on issuance of a letter of recommendation from WTC Mumbai for business delegates, they will facilitate the issuance of visa expeditiously through their authorities.

H.E Mrs. Narinder Chauhan, India's Ambassador to Serbia kindly participated in the discussions and promised her fullest support to the development of trade and business between the countries.

The meeting ended on a cordial note and an agreement was signed between WTC Mumbai and the Chambers.

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