WTC Marseille is certified ISO 20121!

Oct 27, 2023

Certified! As we reported in June this year, the World Trade Center Marseille Provence has embarked on the ISO 20121 certification process, marking its commitment to a more responsible events sector.

After several months of training, the implementation of a responsible management system and concrete actions based on the 3 pillars of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social), the WTCMP was audited by SGS, who, after a thorough examination of the system, validated the certification.

It is therefore with immense pleasure and pride that we announce this achievement, the reward for a great deal of hard work and investment on the part of our teams!

What steps did it take to become certified?

It all began with a year-long training course to acquire the basic notions of a responsible management system. The SD team (and yes, we formed a dedicated team for the occasion!!) implemented all the expected actions and ensured compliance with the prerogatives imposed by the standard. Then it was time for the first audit, known as the “internal audit” during which an external auditor inspected the “theoretical” or documentary part of the system (documentation, compliance with legal obligations, business procedures, etc.) as well as the “practical” part, i.e. the installations, waste sorting, site safety, etc.

Following this first audit, the SD team reworked the minor “Non Conformities” highlighted to ensure that the City Center and Sky Center event centers would be certified.

Then, at the beginning of October 2023, the compliance audit took place: the real thing! Three and a half days of remote and on-site auditing to establish whether or not certification had been granted.

The result? No non-compliance! And a certification obtained to the great pride of the teams who had all invested themselves in this project.

What’s next?

Now that it is certified, the WTCMP is fully committed to its responsible approach. It can guarantee control of its responsible management system, continuous improvement, compliance with standards, and the well-being of its stakeholders. And it will be audited every year to maintain an optimal level of quality, service and respect for the pillars of sustainable development.