WTC Atlanta Participates in Member Seminar

Dec 12, 2017

WTC Atlanta Participates in the 2017 Member Seminar

ATLANTA, GA, USA - The 2017 WTCA Member Seminar, held in New York October 15-17, 2017 was designed as a “getting to know” better the members and assist in the solution of their needs and problems. In my case, I announced a program for training business managers at interested WTCs. The program is given by Professor William Kerr of Harvard Business School but is organized by the sponsoring WTC at its location. As the coordinator of the program, I serve as the facilitator between the WTC and the professor. Since the founding of WTCA in New York, I have served the WTCA as a consultant, an instructor of the WTC Institute and a board member of the WTC Atlanta, and I am looking forward to the success of this program.

The objective of the program is to improve the skills and abilities of business managers with leadership styles augmented by technology, innovation and decision making. The teaching methods consist of interactive lectures, case analysis and business consultation. Among his many professional awards, Professor Kerr has received the best teacher and best researcher awards by the Harvard Business School. In my discussions, I was impressed with the interest of the participants at the Member Seminar to expand the educational programs in their WTCs. The Chairman and members of the Board of the WTCA and the WTCA Foundation were interested in promoting education programs and to consider educational projects for mutual benefit.

At the Conference, the WTCA HQ staff assisted me to meet colleagues that I had not met, including the new representative from WTC Cyprus, with whom I visited the Trade Commissioner of Cyprus in New York. A Trade Mission from Cyprus is visiting New York in November and I was happy to be of assistance as I was advisor to the Cyprus Mission to the UN in New York from 1960-1966.

The agenda of the conference included a briefing from the new CEO of WTCA, a global best practices workshop, a new member orientation and a “breakthrough roundtables” session which used innovative tools for creative solutions to problems. The invitation to the 2018 General Assembly was cordial and included a “passport” with schedule and programs at Leeuwarden, Holland. Finally, the Member Spotlight Flash Session on some of the major WTCs was informative on latest developments, including the impressive design of the WTC Building and real estate development in Merida, Mexico. The highlight of the conference for me was to see old friends in new positions, especially Scott Ferguson, whom I remember from the successful General Assembly, which he hosted as the Head of the WTC Halifax in Canada. The success of my mission would be to turn the contacts and information of the Member Seminar into programs for WTC Atlanta. My appreciation to the organizers in meeting the objectives of the 2017 WTCA Member Seminar!

(For information on the business training program, you can address Professor C. G. Alexandrides, Professor Emeritus of Management, Georgia State University, 984 Lindridge Drive, NE, Atlanta, Ga. 30324, USA. Tel. 001-770-846-1498;; website