Mar 28, 2024

World Trade Center Abuja (WTC Abuja) recently showcased its proactive role at the 54th World Trade Center Association (WTCA) Global Business Forum (GBF), hosted by the World Trade Center Bengaluru, India. Held from 3rd to 6th March 2024, the event was a convergence of minds focused on fostering partnerships and driving innovation in international trade under the theme "Empowering Progress through Innovation and Collaboration (EPIC)."

Led by Mr. Ahmed Karim, Vice President of WTC Abuja, and Ms. Wuraola Onigbogi, Trade Services Manager, alongside two accompanying delegates, WTC Abuja actively engaged with global industry leaders and policymakers. Through dynamic panel discussions, strategic plenary sessions, and targeted networking events, the team explored potential collaborations and shared invaluable insights on emerging trade trends shaping the global economic landscape.

The GBF provided a pivotal platform for WTC Abuja to demonstrate its capabilities and forge impactful partnerships. Notable highlights included fruitful discussions on collaborative ventures with World Trade Centers in Sharjah and Algiers. The signing of a significant Memorandum of Understanding with WTC Cairo exemplified WTC Abuja's commitment to expanding its global footprint and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Furthermore, WTC Abuja delegates gained invaluable insights from knowledge transfer sessions and immersive facility tours, delving into best practices in facility management and security protocols. Their active participation also garnered significant visibility through esteemed features on WTCA TV interviews and CNBC Africa, showcasing WTC Abuja's comprehensive suite of trade-related services and igniting discussions on promising India-Africa investment prospects.

Delegates from WTC Abuja expressed their utmost enthusiasm and appreciation for the enriching WTCA GBF experience in Bengaluru. Their resounding feedback, describing the event as "Amazing," "Awesome," "Exciting," "Friendly," and "Hospitable," underscores the event's pivotal role in fostering meaningful connections and driving impactful cross-border collaborations.

Moreover, immersive cultural experiences organized by WTC Bengaluru, including visits to iconic Indian temples, scenic vineyards, and other captivating locales, not only enriched delegates' perspectives but also highlighted the pivotal role of cultural exchange in nurturing enduring international business relations.

By leveraging dynamic platforms like the GBF, WTC Abuja not only expands its global network but also actively contributes to advancing international trade and collaboration agendas. The invaluable lessons learned and strategic connections forged at the GBF serve as catalytic drivers for WTC Abuja's continued growth, innovation, and influential contributions on the global trade stage, epitomizing the collaborative ethos envisioned by the WTCA and paving the way for a more interconnected and prosperous global trade landscape.

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