World Trade Center @ Dubai Chamber

Apr 19, 2022

World Trade Center @ Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry

March, 2022, Mumbai: Verbind, the Services arm of 13 World Trade Centers in India jointly in association with Dubai Chamber facilitated a comprehensive dialogue with the Chief Representative of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Sameer Nawani at Chamber’s India office in Mumbai, Maharashtra on March 22nd, 2022.

India Chief Representative, Mr. Sameer Nawani, during this meeting program with WTCA Board Member and Joint President of WTC Services arm, Verbind, Ms. Khair Ull Nissa Sheikh has discussed about various high potential areas in which both the organization can work closely and facilitate trade & investment opportunities for the businesses in both the countries. Since CEPA is in place, it would further strengthen ties between India & UAE and open newer opportunities of business collaboration in focus areas of Food & Beverages; Retail; Electronics; Healthcare; Aluminum and Copper etc.

WTC and Dubai Chamber have also proposed to jointly promote Indian Champions in Dubai, conducting virtual sessions on businesses, assistance to start-ups, joint facilitation of flagship trade meets/events/conferences in India or Dubai.

This meeting programme was also attended by Mr. Amrit Lal Batwal, Customer Engagement & Distribution, Tenant & WTC Services.