Understanding Mercosur's business opportunities

Jun 20, 2014

VALENCIA, VENEZUELA - Following the agenda of business development program that the World Trade Center Valencia offers, hand by hand with Congressus Center, an enterprise that organizes corporate events, a workshop was dictated called Mercosur: Investment Opportunities. The event was held on the morning of Tuesday, June 10th in the Convention Center of the Hesperia WTC Valencia Hotel where entrepreneurs, managers, directors and executives had a deep view in the possibilities of business that Mercosur represents.

The workshop was held by Eduardo Porcarelli, Doctor in political science and specialist in International Politics and International Law, professor in International environment at IESA and Daniel Coronel, President of TERARE Multimedia, one of the most successful editorial companies in South America, editor of WTC Montevideo magazine and WTC Valencia magazine, also the Global Directory of World Trade Centers Association.

After the reports were finished, a space was opened for an enriched line of questions and answers, closing the event with a toast so the participants could share impressions and data, establishing possible business connections. This event was supported by Globalca and SLY Group, enterprises in the logistics and transport of freight area at a national and international level.