Sporting enthusiasts take the vertical route

Jun 19, 2014

BANGALORE, INDIA - Hundreds of sporting enthusiasts participated in India’s first-ever vertical run – climbing the 850 steps leading to the top of storied World Trade Centre Bangalore building – as part of the Skyscraper Dash event on 15th June, 2014.

The event saw over 650 participants run around the Brigade Gateway Campus, Sheraton Hotel as well as the Orion Mall, a distance of 1.5 miles. The dash ended with a run up the 850 stairs all the way to the roof of the WTC Bangalore Tower where the finish line was placed. 

Meanwhile, the Everest Challenge, a sub-event within the Skyscraper Dash attracted marathon runners from the city of Bangalore. The participants of this sub-event had to run up the 850 steps of the building a total of 70 times (equal to the height of Mount Everest) by forming groups of 10 and splitting the climb between all of them to earn the necessary rankings to complete the race. The entire WTC Bangalore team also participated at the event with great team spirit.

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