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Opportunity Knocks: Our Future is Trade

May 27, 2021

International trade is a key driver of Ontario’s economic growth, high-quality job creation and resilience in the face of economic downturns.

On May 26, the Toronto Region Board of Trade launched our new report, Opportunity Knocks: Priority Markets for Ontario’s High Potential Sectors , outlining a provincial trade strategy and looking at ways we can help businesses grow by getting them into markets around the world.

The report is a guide to understanding priority markets for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), highlighting several high-potential sectors in Ontario that are well-aligned to benefit from shifting global trade and demand trends.

We continue to innovate, considering new trade variables such as trade readiness, leveraging regional diasporas and analysing risk factors that have a real impact on SME transactions.

The report was launched through a virtual event featuring Canada’s Chief Trade Commissioner, Sara Wilshaw, and key partners, associations and companies involved in international trade. The webcast included panel discussions highlighting international trade as a key indicator for national economic growth and methodologies for identifying high potential sectors and priority export markets.

Read the report here.