MoU Signed between WTC Mumbai & WTC Belgrade

Jul 01, 2014

MUMBAI, INDIA - Capt. Somesh Batra, Vice Chairman-WTC Mumbai visited WTC Belgrade on 6th May 2014 and met with Ms. Miriana Lukic - General Manager and Ms. Marija Labovic - Dy. General Manager of WTC Belgrade and appraised them on the scope and activities of WTC Mumbai. In addition, a presentation of WTC Mumbai was made and a copy of presentation along with brochures was handed over to them.

Capt. Batra invited WTC Belgrade to participate in the forthcoming Global Economic Summit at WTC Mumbai from 11-13 September 2014. Due to extensive range of services being offered by WTC Mumbai, it was suggested that they should send a delegation from their country. WTC Belgrade promised to do their best to support us.

WTC Belgrade is predominantly a Trade Fair Organization and handles 35-40 Trade Fairs annually. It also offers use of Auditorium, Temporary Office Space, Seminar/Meeting Rooms, and Conference Centre. Providing much more than fair events, it joined bravely the latest worldwide trends to become a significant partner to local and international companies. It being centrally located and well connected by traffic with all city sections also became a civil engineering attraction, an important businessmen meeting point.

It is a member of the most important worldwide Associations in the exhibition industry, the International Fair Union (UFI), International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), Exhibition Association of the Southeast Europe (EASE) and the Central European Fair Alliance (CEFA).

WTC Belgrade mentioned that this year China is their focus and Guest of Honour of the Belgrade Book Fair. However, in the year 2015 India is their Country of Honour and therefore wanted WTC Mumbai to participate as well as promote their activities in India. Amongst the exhibitions planned for 2015, following are important: Travel & Tourism Fair in February 2015, Book Fair in October 2015.

Capt. Batra suggested that since WTC Mumbai is hosting Global Economic Summit in Mumbai from 11 to 13th of September' 2014, it would be beneficial for WTC Belgrade to send delegation to participate in this event and during that period WTC Mumbai arrange meetings to promote their forthcoming events.

Thereafter, MOU between WTC Mumbai and WTC Belgrade was signed and meeting ended on a cordial note with both sides promising to do their utmost to promote each other’s activities.