Mars Pet Food (China) Visited CCPIT Tianjin

Oct 10, 2023

On September 19 morning, CCPIT Tianjin Vice Chairman Mr. Guo Zaolin met with Ms. An Ning, Director of China Corporate Affairs, Mars Pet Food (China) Co., Ltd. The Trade and Investment Promotion Division of CCPIT Tianjin attended the meeting. 

During the meeting, Ms. An briefly introduced the industrial distribution of Mars, the production and operation of the pet sector and the construction of the Tianjin factory project. She said that the Tianjin factory, after completion, will become the largest pet food production base of Mars in Asia. 

Mr. Guo introduced CCPIT Tianjin’s special work on serving foreign-funded enterprises in Tianjin, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei pet economy industry. He expressed the hope that Mars will take the Tianjin factory as the fulcrum to drive the pet industry chain project to invest and develop in Tianjin. CCPIT Tianjin will continue to provide relevant services and support enterprises to increase investment and expand production in Tianjin.