Introducing New European Regional Advisory Council

Oct 19, 2021

Dear Fellow WTCA European Members:

We are pleased to announce that Patricia Moinard has been appointed to a two-year term on the European Regional Advisory Council (ERAC). Ms. Moinard is the Operating Director and Secretary of WTC Metz-Saarbrŭcken, having served in that position since 2015. In addition, Mr. Evert Jan Schouwstra (WTC Leeuwarden), who has been an ERAC Member Representative since 2019, has agreed to serve a second-term on the ERAC.

We are grateful to Ms. Moinard and Mr. Schouwstra for volunteering to take on these important ERAC roles. No other individuals submitted their candidacy for this election. Ms. Moinard and Mr. Schouwstra will join Mr. Gerard Vaandrager (WTC The Hague) as Member Representatives of the ERAC, along with the two appointed WTCA Directors from Europe (Ms. Cristina Sbaizero of WTC Trieste and Mr. Mehran Eftekhar of WTC Cyprus).

We would like to thank Mr. Ed Allison-Wright, who stepped down from the ERAC last month after serving for two years in order to assume his new role as a Director on the WTCA Board.


Mehran Eftekhar

Chair, European Regional Advisory Council