International Connecting Day in Nantes

Oct 23, 2015

NANTES, FRANCE -  October 1st 2015 Networking and experience sharing : International Connecting Day (ICD) in Nantes - France 

During the 7th edition of ICD, companies from western France had the opportunity to explore their business opportunities and develop useful networks. This exclusive event brought together 1300 businessmen and more than 70 experts specialised in international development strategy. 

To fit in with all the participants ‘expectations, the event had a specific programs including: 

  • a series of workshops dedicated to issues connected to international trade, 
  • two networking sessions dedicated to export staff willing to share business experiences and useful contacts 
  • one on one interviews with representatives from 57 foreign countries

Many different sectors of the economy were represented, including biotherapy, food processing, metallurgy, aeronautics, Renewable marine energies, silver economy, nautical industry. 3 companies were particularly awarded as “success stories” for their international development, by Matthias Fekl, French State Secretary for Foreign Trade: 

- Dome Solar, Dome Solar designs and manufactures mounting systems for photovoltaic modules; Dome Solar, based in France is a key player in the solar energy industry. Leader in simplified building-integrated systems for fitting PV panels, Dome Solar is specialised in industrial, public sector, commercial and agricultural projects 

- Secmair With over 100 years of experience in the spreading of binders and gravel, SECMAIR proposes a complete line of road building products. 

- and iAdvize. iAdvize is a real-time customer engagement platform. In addition to the the ICD trophee, those 3 local companies were offered a free membership to WTC Nantes by Benoit Van Ossel, president of WTC Nantes Atlantique. 

The closing ceremony, honored Erik Orsenna, French economist for a conference about the issues of global economy and the role of France in international trade. 

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