Innovative companies at the BCCI’s Annual Awards

Dec 13, 2021

On 2nd December, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, licensed WTC Sofia affiliated, presented its 28th Annual Awards. For the first time the Award ceremony was held online.

BCCI awarded the winning companies in the Chamber’s classification “TOP 100 Companies leading in the Bulgarian economy”, ranked on the basis of internationally recognized objective criteria. Traditionally, Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Branch Organisations, foreign ambassadors and commercial counsellors accredited for Bulgaria were also included in the classification. A media and a journalist found their places in the ranking as well.

The President of BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov pointed out during the ceremony that despite the difficult year, there are companies that have managed to increase their profits in just one year. “In this challenging and full of difficulties year it is important to draw attention to those who, together with the Chamber, made efforts for the better performance of Bulgarian companies, and for more successful economic development of our country.” he spoke.

Among the winning companies are the innovative firms in the logistics sector, bioscience and laboratory diagnostics, etc.

The leader in the category “TOP 100 companies ranked by alteration of net sales revenue 2020/2019” a logistic company reports 20% growth in shipments, nearly 30% growth in warehousing services and 16% more in customers during the challenging 2020.  The upward trend continues in 2021, as for the first ten months again achieved 15% growth in shipments and attracting new customers.

Information about the winners of BCCI’s Annual Awards 2021 HERE