#InnovAccion in alliance with 6 WTCs

Nov 23, 2020



An extraordinary session was attained Friday October 23rd, with the 8th edition of the #InnovAccion an event that was held in a digital format for the first time, and with an international projection; under the alliance of six WTC’s: Guanajuato, Nuevo Laredo, Cali, Medellin, Montevideo and the founder, WTC Valencia, supported by the Regional Office of the WTC Association.

The host of the event, Subdelia Sevilla director of the WTC Valencia, welcomed the audience and expressed her gratitude to the participants and guests who attended this great learning entrepreneurial experience. Then, Carlos Ronderos, Latin American Coordinator of the WTCA, highlighted the regional effort developed for the accomplishment of the first international seminar of the WTCA in Latin America and Robin Van Puyenbroeck, Executive Director of Development from the WTCA stood out the importance of the innovation for the WTCA ecosystem.

The #InnovaAccion forum had the participation of Veronica Ruiz del Vizo, CEO Remote Team; Sergio Escobar, Executive Director of the International Center for Strategic Studies, MedellĂ­n Global; Leandro RamĂ­rez, Oracle vice president for Central America and the Caribbean; Mari Loli Sánchez Cano, president of Jafra MĂ©xico; together with important contributions generated from the learnings derived at the companies they lead. Likewise, as speakers, there were the participation of Jorge Acevedo, President of JA Group International and President of WTC Guanajuato/Nuevo Laredo who stated that conformity and resignation were the enemy # 1 of the innovation, and David Tesone, Principal from Colombia IXL Center, who presented the innovation trends at a global level. 

Nivario Rancel, academic coordinator of the Forum, presented its conclusions by stating that the presentations in 2020 “were filled with deep contents and a lot of learning”.

During the last minutes, Guillermo Acevedo, executive director of WTC Cali and MedellĂ­n exalted the example of Venezuela, by taking a step toward the collaborative work. Likewise, Ignacio Del, general director of the Montevideo Free Zone celebrated the new window of opportunities that the digital environments offer and acknowledged, at the same time, that this is the opportunity for connecting in order to facilitate the world trade. 

The 8th edition of the #InnovAcción Forum was possible thanks to the support provided by the Hesperia Valencia Hotel, JA Group and CivisCorp; the sponsorship from Agua Cielo, Grupo Leal, Cerámica Carabobo, and the alliances with the IESA, Tendencias Digitales, Ey Venezuela, Notitarde and WTC Radio.