Empowering Tomorrow

Feb 29, 2024

Empowering Tomorrow: A Conversation with

the Visionary Founder of Mojo & Co

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Maureen Hoey, the visionary founder of Mojo & Co and a distinguished member of the World Trade Center Dublin. As we explore her innovative journey, accomplishments, and leadership role on the global stage, Maureen stands as a perfect inspiration for International Women's Day. Mojo & Co, a flourishing journaling company, is at the forefront of the wellness trend, offering tangible benefits such as improved mood, enhanced productivity, and reduced anxiety.

Their journals, designed to support teams and promote smart planning, reflect a commitment to workplace wellbeing. Maureen's story unfolds as that of a trailblazer, blending entrepreneurship with a dedication to positive change and paving the way for women globally. With co-branding & customization options available, along with special discounts on bulk orders, Mojo & Co continues to empower individuals and organizations alike, marking Maureen as a true leader in inspiring women and all those who embrace their transformative journaling products - worldwide. 

As the founder of Mojo & Co, can you share the story behind the creation of your company and how being a woman entrepreneur has influenced your journey?

Mojo & Co was created when I was made redundant from my job of 14 years, my father also sadly passed away at the same time and I found journaling to be an amazing tool in helping me cope with the loss. Over time I became more mindful, grateful, and productive through journaling, it helped me rebuild and get back on track after a very difficult time. This time also made me realise how short life is and that nothing is guaranteed, I wanted to create a range of gorgeous journals that were simply structured to help the user work towards their goals & to get the best from each day as well as providing a space to be more mindful, from there Mojo & co was born.

International Women's Day is celebrated globally on March 8th. How does Mojo & Co embrace the theme of inspiring inclusion, especially through your journaling products, and what initiatives does the company undertake to mark this occasion?

Journaling is a very inclusive universal wellbeing tool. It has benefits for everyone, from children to adults, male and female, it works for everyone as a means of being mindful and productive, your journal enables you to express yourself, plan your goals and dreams in a private space.

For International Women’s Day we will celebrate all of the amazing women in our lives that have come before us and have helped us along every step of the way. We will be attending events around the county and we are really looking forward to participating.

Mojo & Co focuses on empowering everyone. How do your journaling products contribute to the empowerment of women, and how do they align with the theme of International Women's Day?

We love to see women and men alike set goals and bring them to reality, the first step towards achieving your goals is to write them down, from there you can begin to break your goals down to achievable steps. There is so much power in writing, whether it is to plan and set goals or to have a safe space to offload, for such a simple tool the benefits are endless. Our journals encourage you to take time offline each day to be mindful whilst planning for the day ahead. They help you go into each day feeling ready for the day ahead whilst taking daily steps towards your goals.

Overall, Mojo & Co journals offer a valuable resource for personal growth, goal setting, reflection, and self-expression. By recognizing the power of writing, we are providing a tool that can positively impact the lives of our users in numerous ways.

Can you elaborate on any specific features or content within Mojo & Co journals that promote inclusivity and celebrate the diverse experiences of women?

Our journals have space to plan self-care, we really encourage everyone to schedule daily self-care. Life can get so busy at times it is difficult to prioritize our own wants and needs, we want women to put themselves top of the list and fill their own cup before everyone else.  The journals also have space to set goals, breaking goals down into smaller, achievable steps can make them feel more manageable and increase the likelihood of success, we want to see every woman aim high, to see their goals as possible and take daily steps towards achieving those goals by writing them down.

As a member of WTC Dublin, could you tell us more about why you joined and how you hope being part of this organization will benefit Mojo & Co?

Mojo & Co is fast becoming a highly regarded and in demand wellness journal brand across Ireland. We joined WTC Dublin to get support with spreading our wings and bringing our gorgeous wellbeing products to a global stage. We have heard fantastic things about the WTC Dublin and it seemed like the next step for us. We have had fantastic support thus far and are very excited to share the ways we can enhance people’s daily lives by becoming mojo&co users.

With the global reach of your brand, what strategies or plans does Mojo & Co have for international growth?

We are focused on growing our range of products over the coming two years to provide products that people will leverage to enhance their lives and help them on their personal development journey.  Our products are universal, we visualize them stocked in retailers globally along with being used as a powerful wellness tool for employee wellbeing initiatives.

How does Mojo & Co navigate cultural differences and ensure that your journaling products resonate with customers from various backgrounds and perspectives?

The ethos of our current range of products is for the user to take time for themselves to figure out what they want to achieve on a short- and long-term basis. I feel this applies to everyone regardless of culture or background, everyone has hopes and dreams no matter how big or small. We provide a tool to help you build your dreams, to take action and become more productive in all areas of your life. Our journals provide guides and prompts throughout that apply to everyone; they are tools which when built into each day will help the user live a more purposeful life.

In your journey as a woman entrepreneur, what challenges have you faced, and how have these experiences shaped the values and mission of Mojo & Co?

When I began Mojo & Co I would say I was a bit naïve in my thinking of what it takes to get a business up and running, for me taking one step at a time has worked really well.  Having my own business has helped me to navigate uncertainty and become a more patient person. The biggest challenge can be in balancing everything. I have had to go out of my comfort zone in many areas but all of it has helped me to learn and grow as a person. I have been very lucky to be surrounded by other very supportive mentors & entrepreneurs. I feel it’s important to ask for help if you need it and don’t be afraid to share your experiences with other like-minded people.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from customers who have found inspiration and empowerment through using Mojo & Co journals, particularly in the context of International Women's Day?

We get fantastic feedback about our products, in general. When people see the products, they are very impressed with the quality and layout, one lady said she felt a weight been lifted from her when she began using the journals another said they are her oasis of calm. For us to hear that feedback is amazing and is exactly why we created the journals, we want the user to take time offline to prioritize their own wants and needs. We want you to have a space where you can set and keep track of goals and bring your dreams to reality, put yourself first by planning daily self-care and take time to reflect on your achievements.

How do you envision Mojo & Co's role in the broader conversation about women's rights, equality, and empowerment, and how does this align with your personal values as the founder?

As a founder, I have always been surrounded by strong women. My grandmother had her own business in a time when not many women had business’s or even worked. My mum has previously had her own business, she is a very strong independent lady and has paved the way for me & my seven sisters to believe in ourselves and our abilities. I’m also very lucky to have been surrounded by strong men who encourage female entrepreneurship, my dad, brother husband and son have always been amazing cheerleaders and support along the way. I am a mother to a 13-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy, I believe it’s important for everyone in our home to encourage each other and to be confident in having their voice heard.

I believe women should help and support one another, if you can give someone an opportunity or help them along with realizing their goals, then why not, we rise by lifting others. 

Mojo & Co emphasizes positive thinking and goal achievement. How do these themes contribute to the overall mission of empowering women, and how are they reflected in the design and content of your journals?

I have had to work on my mindset over many years and through gratitude journaling I have been able to change my mind set to a more positive space, I want to share that with other women and help them along the way. Our journals have a big focus on gratitude, with space to practice gratitude each day, when you focus on what is in your life already it takes your mind away from thinking of lack. It helps brings your mind to a happier headspace.

The journals have space broken into different areas of our lives to set goals. We can achieve anything we want but we need to take those ideas from our mind and put them on a page, from there we can begin to formulate a plan, no matter how big or small your goal is, it’s yours and you deserve the opportunity to bring those goals to reality. I feel women spend a lot of time looking after everyone else, it’s important to have this type of space to think about themselves only.

As a woman-owned company, what advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs, and how can they incorporate the principles of Mojo & Co into their own ventures?

I feel there is so much support out there for female entrepreneurs. It’s important to do your research and see what is out there for you. I have had amazing support from my local enterprise office, Thrive4women program which is based in DKIT in Dundalk supports you in developing capability, confidence, and connections for your business.  I am currently a participant in Acorns 9 program which is funded by the department of Agriculture & Marine, it’s an amazing program that offers mentorship from female entrepreneurs who have built their own very successful business’s, we work together in small groups of female founded early stage business’s, we all have similar challenges, everyone in the group is there to help & support each other along the way. It’s important to seek out opportunities and ask for help.

Looking ahead, could you share any other exciting initiatives or plans that Mojo & Co has in store for its future growth and development?

We are working closely with WTC Dublin to launch our products on a global stage, this is a very exciting stage for our business. We are also sourcing gorgeous new products that will complement the current range of products. We are very enthusiastic and excited to see many people globally get their mojo!

As International Women's Day approaches, Maureen's (Mo’s) journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of women in business, showcasing resilience, leadership, and a dedication to positive impact. The co-branding options and discounted bulk orders offered by mojo&co further exemplify their commitment to empowering individuals and organizations.

In the ever-expanding global landscape, Maureen Hoey's vision for Mojo & Co. sets the stage for continued growth and influence, leaving an indelible mark on the journey of those who seek inspiration through the transformative power of journaling. Cheers to a future where wellness, empowerment, and achievement intertwine, driven by the leadership and innovation embodied by Maureen and mojo&co.

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