Economic Situation in Nuevo Leon

Sep 07, 2013

Known as the Industrial City located north of the country, the state of Nuevo Leon is in the eighth place nationally for its total people, with 4, 653.458 inhabitants is rich in its cuisine, one of the most popular taste and tradition. A society that seeks always rising progress through all conditions primarily in businesses with different companies both within and outside the country

Just below is the capital of the country due to its location and situation, however is third in national production, highlighting the 8.03% of total production. Because of this, Monterrey being the headquarters of the state, has managed to position along with the municipalities of the metropolitan area, which in recent years have generated and made some big investment firms recognized nationally and internationally. Stressing always entrepreneurial spirit and natural talent for trading.

This contribution is important because not only are numbers in statistics but also helps the growth of the country through various programs, one of which World Trade Center, to promote and encourage entrepreneurs to continue working for always been visionary who seeks to transcend.

Finally Nuevo Leon stands out as the national first:

➢ Production of appliances, as appliances.
➢ The manufacture of machinery and equipment specializing in the production of air-conditioning and heating, refrigeration equipment manufacturing industrial pumps, construction equipment, among others.
➢ The slaughter, meat packing and processing of livestock, poultry and other food animals.
➢ Glass production and products.
➢ The manufacture of products made of clays and refractory minerals such as bathroom furniture and tiles or tiles.