Cowork'in WTC Marseille Provence

Aug 28, 2015

MARSEILLE, FRANCE - The World Trade Center Marseille Provence (WTCMP) is running in the entrepreneur race with its new Cowork’in space!

Cowork’in WTCMP is a centrally located work-space, dedicated to the development of local enterprise, offering individual offices, high speed internet and a supportive professional environment. 

Since the beginning of July, the association “Entrepreneuriales PACA” has been preparing the fourth season of their innovative entrepreneur-training programme for an international body of students on the Cowork’in WTCMP premises.

To provide continuous support for Aix-en-Provence-Marseille entrepreneurship, Cowork’in WTCMP has been taking an active part in a new project “le grand sprint” since July 1st. This project was launched by a handful of young local entrepreneurs and aims to help budding entrepreneurs have their dream company market-ready within 14 weeks. Group dynamics, professional monitoring and expertise are among the basic principles of “Le Grand Sprint”
Currently, 9 start-ups are benefitting from 92 days of 24/7 fully equipped office-space, as well as the support of partners, speakers, mentors and ambassadors who are eager to share their experience and skills.
The goal is to enhance and optimize local development, while encouraging the international aspects of entrepreneurship. Sharing ideas and know-how, supporting the expansion of existing projects such as: Hashtag Trophy, Pushcontact, Zipli, Light4events, Elokenz, La Criée, Ma petite Poulette, Drimstars as well as the 9 “sprinters”, is expected to reflect positively on the region as a whole.

Several after work events are taking place on the WTCMP terrace, and especially on the Cowork’in premises between the ”Grand Sprint” and the WTCMP, a grand show is also planned for the project closure early this autumn. 

Contact: Cowork’In WTCMP
Laura Marques – Community Manager
Phone :+33 4.13.940.440
Fax : +33 4.13.940.410