Consultation session outsourcing Bulgaria

May 20, 2022

On Friday, May 20, WTC Leeuwarden, together with its partner Peak Survenu, organized individual consultation sessions for companies interested in outsourcing to Bulgaria, relocating production to or setting up in Bulgaria.

The solutions offered by Peak Survenu are fully customized and the team is ready to assist clients during every step of their journey to Bulgaria. The local know-how, flexibility and experience of Peak Survenu's team members guarantee every small or medium-sized client a smooth handling from start to finish with full support throughout the entire process.

The climate for nearshoring is becoming increasingly favorable due to current geopolitical developments and rising fuel prices. Also, the labor cost advantages that used to be present in Asia have decreased considerably compared to, for example, Bulgaria. Bulgaria, with its nearby location, offers a competitive and forward-looking business climate for Dutch entrepreneurs.

There was a lot of interest in the consults, especially given the current international issues that are going on, that we were booked up very quickly.