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Conference “Psychology in Management” at WTC Lyon

Jul 27, 2017


LYON, FRANCE - Our third yearly Breakfast Time! was held on July 7th, in the beautiful Skyroom for the venue. As we usually do in these circumstances, we hosted a keynote speaker but this time, we wanted to propose something new and refreshing for our participants: no talks about pure business or “how to develop your activities in a country?”. Our speaker – Mr Frédéric MARQUET – is a specialist of brain psychology and the ways to use it as efficiently as possible in people’s management.

Mr MARQUET wrote several books and is a certified coach who conducted searches on how our brain is deeply influencing our attitudes, and also how we ourselves can influence our brains by will and by knowing better its main characteristics.

The conference was all about it: learn to know oneself better (one’s brain at first) to gain efficiency in work and life in general. Most surprisingly, some very simple attitudes can change a lot and make the difference.

We at World Trade Center Lyon are glad to provide our customers with new, original keys to organize themselves in their jobs. These meetings do have value: this is why we are asked to keep on proposing them, renewing our topics and sometimes positively surprising people with the content.