Africa USA Now: Financing the Energy Mix

Feb 17, 2023

The first episode of Africa-USA Now kicks off today with the topic, “Financing the Energy Mix.” Host Carol Pineau tackles this critical issue with her guests: Admassu Tadesse, President Emeritus and Managing Director, Trade and Development Bank Group - TDB Group, Rajakumari Jandhyala, CEO of YAATRA Ventures, and Thomas Sheehy, Principal at Quinella Global. This series is launched in partnership with the African Development Bank Group, Africa Investment Forum, and AfricaGlobal Schaffer. View the episode at Overview: The Global North became wealthy through industrialization, but that also caused pollution and our current climate change crisis. Africa, which accounts for only 2-4% of global emissions, has an equally pressing need: alleviating poverty, and the fastest path is industrialization. Africa can leap-frog to renewables, but it’s complicated. To start, Africa needs an energy mix, but most major institutions will only finance renewable energy, so how does Africa industrialize?