Canada & US: Strong Trading Partners

Mar 27, 2017


WINNIPEG, CANADA - The World Trade Centre Winnipeg welcomed Karen Gerwitz of WTC Denver and Brynn Grant of WTC Savannah to a conference in Winnipeg this past February.

With an uncertain trade situation in the U.S., the WTC Winnipeg organized a ½ day conference to help Canadian businesses better understand the current reality. A World Trade Centre Panel consisting of Denver, Savannah and Winnipeg offered information and opened the floor to questions. This allowed local businesses to gather different perspectives from leaders in trade organizations.

Mariette Mulaire, President and CEO of the WTC Winnipeg says, “We’ve been hearing a lot of concern from Canadian companies in regards to the United States. By incorporating a WTC Panel in our conference, we hoped to alleviate some of the worry and demonstrate the strength and reciprocity that exists between organizations.”

“One of the most important takeaways from the conference was the many powerful ways the individual World Trade Center organizations and the WTCA network can help businesses advance their international business growth plans,” says Brynn Grant.

Karen Gerwitz adds, “We’ve been talking a lot about blue and red states, but that’s not going to hinder our trade relationship. Business is business; it’s going to transcend any political wins.”


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