Africa-USA NOW Podcast Series

Jun 09, 2023

Africa-USA NOW Podcast Series: A Taste of Africa

Current Events at the intersection of Africa and the U.S.

There is often no better way to connect across cultures than at the dinner table. Food diplomacy is tool that we can use to create mutual understanding and build relationships. Africa has much to offer in culinary delights, from West African jollof rice to Ethiopian and Eritrean injera with spicy stews and couscous and tajines in North Africa. But African cuisine is not as well-known in America. Fortunately, that's changing. Today, there are African culinary entrepreneurs who believe African food is potentially a multi-billion dollar market in the US. Many other places from Asia to South America have had incredible success in exporting their food and culinary traditions to the US, and there’s no reason why Africa can’t be next up.