World Trade Center Twente moved to new location

Apr 26, 2022

Ready for the future

With the new building, the World Trade Center Twente is opting for a future-proof location where the business community can optimally accommodate and come together. The building meets all quality and sustainability requirements. In addition, the WTC is very easily accessible due to its central location, opposite the station with international train connections, Schiphol airport and Germany, the proximity to the city center and good access from the highways. The building has its own parking garage and visitor parking space. Once inside, entrepreneurs step into an international entrepreneurial world full of possibilities.

Flexible office and workplace concept

In the new building, World Trade Center Twente will continue and develop its flexible and customer-oriented housing concept with a combination of office units, flexible workplaces and meeting rooms. World Trade Center Twente will and can respond well to the growing need for hybrid and place- and time-independent work. The building's air ventilation amply meets the standard to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all people in the building.

One-stop-shop for international business

Naturally, the World Trade Center Twente will also continue and expand its other activities in the field of international trade promotion, the Expat Center and the Business Club from the new location. In this way, the WTC functions as a one-stop-shop for anyone with a question or need in the field of international business. With international growth and connection as the common thread.