TOP 100 Bulgarian companies leading in the economy

Mar 11, 2020

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WTC Sofia Affiliate, has the pleasure to present to you the classification of the “TOP 100 companies leading in the economy of Bulgaria”. This is the 21st edition of the classification, which is done by BCCI only on the basis of objective criteria and comparable data from the financial statements of companies. In this year’s edition more than 6500 financial reports of companies from the real sector of economy, accounting for 78.63% of the country’s GDP in 2018, have been processed.

BCCI continues to develop and improve the objectivity of the classification. For the first time, we have included categories that take into account a combination of several different criteria (all of which objective) and give a more comprehensive assessment of the overall performance of the companies.

In this edition we have published the top companies with the best results based on the following indicators:
- Complex indicator accounting for assets, income, profit and equity by special methodology
- Alternation of revenue, profit of BGN 100 of equity and BGN 100 of sales revenue
- Alteration of sales revenue 2018/2017
- Maximum value of profit per BGN 100 of equity in 2018
- Maximum value of profit per BGN 100 sales revenue in 2018
- Alteration of profit 2018/2017
- efficiency of human capital in 2018

Over the past year the business has shown stable and sustainable results, despite the trade disputes in the global economy. Today, circular economy and digitalization of the activity are high on the companies’ agenda. In order for them to be sustainable and competitive in the market, companies must continue to work towards the implementation of innovation and green policies.

Bulgarian exports have reached record levels. Despite the expected worsening and slowing down of the Bulgarian and world economies, our country shows good tendencies of maintaining and improving its main macro indicators, which is also due to the growing domestic demand.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is issuing certificates to the ranked companies in “TOP 100” and “TOP 1500+” and thus provides an objective assessment of their work as part of the leading companies in Bulgaria.