Top 100 Bulgarian Companies Leading In The Economy

Nov 02, 2015

SOFIA, BULGARIA - The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, owner of the WTC Sofia (AF) License, made the 17th edition of “TOP 100 Companies leading in the Bulgarian Economy in 2014”. The classification presents the companies with the highest financial results achieved in 2014 in 5 categories. It was conducted among 6245 companies which accounted for 81.53% of the country’s GDP in 2014. The methodology of “TOP 100” includes ranking the companies according to objective data from their annual financial reports.

In the first category ranking the top 100 companies by alteration of the net sales revenue, an average growth of 174% in 2014 as compared to 2013 was registered.

In the ranking by maximum value of profit on BGN 100 equity, 63% of the classified companies are engaged in trade and services. The share of industry is 20%, of which machine-building has the highest number of representatives. The traditionally good results of the sector correspond to its export orientation.

In the classification by maximum value of profit on net sales revenue, the results of the highest ranking 100 companies show that the average profit on BGN 100 revenue is BGN 38. The trade and services sectors once again have the highest number of representatives among the top 100 classified companies.

The positive signals in the economy has encouraged the experts from BCCI to change one of the categories in this year’s classification, taking into account the alteration of the financial result (from loss to profit), with the companies with the highest profit growth (in %). The classification by profit growth shows that the largest increases in profit in 2014 compared to a year earlier were achieved by companies operating in the industry. Among the top 50 there are companies from the sectors production of machinery and equipment, food industry and production of textile and garments. Sector-wise, the majority of companies included in the various rankings included in the “TOP 100” edition, are active in the trade sector (35%) and industry (23%). Of the latter, companies working in machine-building, food production, textile industry and production of chemicals prevail.

Construction companies make up for 13% of the ranked “TOP 100” companies. For yet another consecutive year the presence of the sector is mostly due to the public projects which are being developed. As a whole, the growth rate of construction is lower compared to the growth rate in the EU, and still cannot reach its level of before 2009.

Only 1% of the ranked companies are working in the field of tourism, which is a drop in comparison to last year’s classification when companies from the sector accounted for 2% of all classified companies.

BCCI’s classifications allow anyone who has not participated yet, to check their rating in “TOP 1500”:

BCCI will provide a certificate to the classifies companies for increasing their prestige before all the partners. Companies could also apply for an Excellent SME certificate which they can present before financial institutions.

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