BCCI presents Bulgaria in figures®

Jul 27, 2021

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, licensed WTC- Sofia Affiliated, has the pleasure to present to your attention the brochure Bulgaria in Figures ® 2021, which gathers the main macroeconomic indicators of the country and the assessment of a number of leading international organizations. It is compiled for the twelfth consecutive year by BCCI and partners.

The brochure Bulgaria in Figures ® 2021 presents information about main economic indicators, taxation, GDP, export-import volume and structure, FDI, tourism statistics, labour market, consumer prices, etc. It reviews 27 rankings of international organizations that reflect Bulgaria's place according to different criteria. The latter include: business environment, healthcare, rule of law, competitiveness, digitalization and more.

With the new edition of Bulgaria in Figures ® 2021 we hope to give foreign partners a clear view of the business environment in Bulgaria and to inspire new investments. We believe that by increasing efforts to eliminate the weaknesses of the economic environment identified by different rankings, we will create conditions for increasing the investment attractiveness and successful entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to present link to the e-brochure here: .