WTC Rotterdam leaps from energy label E to A

May 17, 2018

The iconic high-rise made exceptionally more sustainable during renovation
Although the renovation of the World Trade Center Rotterdam is still underway, the building has already made huge strides in sustainability. At the start of this year, the building was expected to move from the E to C energy label, but today, the high-rise part was certified A. This jump was made in a relatively short space of time – this major improvement in sustainability only took three years. One of the reasons for this rapid improvement was the innovative climate control system. The efficient air purification system is driven by a thermal wheel that recycles the heat in the building, thus reducing the need to heat up cold air from outside. While it is not uncommon that buildings are made more sustainable during renovation, a jump of this level and scale is exceptional in Rotterdam’s construction sector. WTC Rotterdam is proud that it has already attained a goal that was set for 2030. In the year 2030, new energy regulations will require all buildings to be certified with the A energy label.