WTC Rotterdam hosts Rotterdamse Entrepreneur Award

Dec 01, 2017

On Monday 27 November, Tuinderij Vers was declared the winner of the Rotterdam Entrepreneur Award 2017 (Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs). Edwin Noordermeer, Simone Varekamp and Rob Witmer of Tuinderij Vers received the prestigious prize from the King’s Commissioner, Jaap Smit, during a festive ceremony at the WTC Rotterdam. Other nominees for the award were the companies Aldowa and WeAreReasonable People.

Standing out
The jury was impressed by Tuinderij Vers’ authentic Rotterdam entrepreneurial spirit. “Tuinderij Vers has proven that it can withstand tempests, and it does this with great modesty. The company is more than just another company in the Rotterdam region. It is a hub and an enabling link in the region. Tuinderij Vers has grown remarkably fast over the last few years, both in terms of turnover and in terms of impact. Its strategy and future prospects make Tuinderij Vers the school book example of a ‘healthy’ company in the region. A deserving winner.”

Proud winners
Edwin Noordermeer, Simone Varekamp and Rob Witmer jointly accepted the prize. “We are the proudest entrepreneurs in history! We dedicate this award to our employees. You don’t become successful alone so a big thanks to them all! It’s wonderful to be able to celebrate winning the Entrepreneur Award with the founders of the company.”