Jul 27, 2020

The once generous and cheery economy is going through a very irritable and unforgiving mood. Conditions are harsh.

For those who respond boldly, creatively, intelligently, and responsibly, grand new opportunities, greater in scope, more powerful and more accessible to all are being presented by the emerging New Normal.

It was inevitable, even before the pandemic fell over us all. Digitalization long ago stopped being a luxury to become a first necessity.

In one of the first meetings we had when developing our digital sales processes, Pablo De Hoyos - our digital strategy advisor and founder of - emphasized the importance of adapting the strategy to get the quickest ROI instead of the traditional brand presence oriented efforts.

“We’re seeing a massive amount of businesses and entrepreneurs forced to switch to digital to try to survive. But they’re getting it wrong…”

In this New Normal, businesses won’t have the luxury to gamble their future with self-proclaimed sales gurus. It's like trying to put off the fire with gasoline.

Everyday we see more and more of these so-called experts teaching courses on social media marketing and how to start a business from home. In most cases, the tactics used to promote themselves give us a glimpse of a lack of understanding of the new challenges customers face in the New Economy. And the result is nothing but an ever growing snowball of poorly advised people learning from poorly trained experts.

There are new opportunities that have new requirements. There are also evergreen, time-tested, reliable success principles most business owners and entrepreneurs have drifted from, neglected, or forgotten that must be restored as governing priorities.

We are thrilled to announce our new Digital Business Accelerator , where we will help business owners and serious entrepreneurs in the software and services industries to implement proven sales processes that adapt to the new normal and help them sustain predictable growth in this post-pandemic economy.

More details will be released in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned and stay safe!

- Carlos Uribe Menéndez
Chief Operator Officer