Great Success of WTC Quanzhou Networking Event

Aug 15, 2014

QUANZHOU, CHINA - WTC Quanzhou Business Club successfully held an exclusive networking event designed for expats, overseas returnees and professionals. 

It was a very special networking evening that provided a relaxing and informal atmosphere for people from various professional backgrounds and industries. World Trade Center Quanzhou successfully showed its advantage in combining local resources and global network, which was highly praised by the guests. As a global platform aiming to promote world trade, WTC Qaunzhou shares resources, information and services with over 300 WTCs. 

Successful business develops owing to constant networking. That is why business communities and organizations are so valuable. The World Trade Center Quanzhou is a vivid example of such a platform for business and cultural exchange between the representatives of the business community in China and abroad.

By gathering leaders from international organizations, hotels, and industries such as technology, finance, health, legal, real estate, investment, transportation and media, WTC Quanzhou is able to utilize varieties of expertise to promote the new and sustainable local business opportunities.

WTC Quanzhou will provide following services to our membership: trade information services, business center services, trade mission services and events production. If there is any commercial need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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