Marketing Assets Launched by Two WTCs

Feb 02, 2018

The World Trade Centers Association is making new member recruitment campaign assets available, designed by Cara Debkowski of the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia to all Centers of the Association.

World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia’s “Stamp of Approval for Global Trade” campaign to recruit members was launched in November and impressed staff at the World Trade Center Arkansas, who wanted to utilize a similar idea for their membership strategy.

“Our first thought was to design something of our own, but the headline and Cara’s design were already brilliant,” said Sam Cushman, the strategic communications officer for the World Trade Center Arkansas.

“So I reached out to Graziella DiNuzzo in Philadelphia and asked to what extent her team would be willing to let us to use the campaign. She had the wonderful idea of bringing this before the Association to make the campaign assets available to all World Trade Centers.”

The assets will be available through the Resource Center on the World Trade Centers Association website. In addition to the campaign assets released by the Center in Philadelphia, the World Trade Center Arkansas will release a template for an exporter directory they are currently developing.

The directory functions as a catalogue of exporting Arkansas companies that will help them arrange business-to-business meetings with foreign buyers.

“One of the most important jobs we have at HQ is to make sure that great ideas from around the network get shared among our Members,” said Scott Ferguson, CEO of World Trade Centers Association. “The collaboration between these two World Trade Centers on this campaign is another example of the benefits of Membership—connections that help Members grow their businesses.”