Dr. Bennett Talks Healthcare Coverage in China

Oct 17, 2017

In June, the WTCGP and WTC Tianjin, China signed an MOU to introduce our member companies to opportunities in Tianjin - and on September 22nd, we did just that! 

Dr. John Bennett, WTCGP board member, and Chairman and CEO, Devon International Group, recently returned from a productive meeting at World Trade Center, Tianjin China where he met with Mr. Eric Cao, WTC, Tianjin, Executive Director and Tiejun Zhang, Deputy Director-General, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

The discussion? Healthcare coverage or lack thereof. Extending healthcare benefits to all citizens is a hot topic, not only in the US but also in the Peoples Republic of China. Mr. Zhang would like to provide expanded healthcare benefits to include coverage of approved specialty drugs and some medical procedures that are not covered by China's Social Security Program. 

Devon International Group was also glad to report some confirmed steps forward, "We have received approval to offer Catastrophic Health Coverage to the Peoples Republic of China," says CEO, Dr. John Bennett. "We are the second US Company to offer coverage for severe medical problems in the US, and are glad to be partnering with world-renowned reinsurance company, Munich Reinsurance America." 

Next steps? Mr. Zhang will provide additional information to the Devon International Team and together they will move closer to providing extended healthcare coverage to the citizens of Tianjin, China. 

Photo Caption: From left to right: Eric Cao - Deputy Chief of Office, Tianjin Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Xueming Zhao - Director General, Tianjin Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, John A. Bennett - Chairman and CEO of DIG, Tiejun Zhang - Deputy Director General, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Ruth Wu - Chief Operating Officer, DIG, Julian Chu - Managing Director China, DIG