Annual Global Business Conference - What A Lineup!

Mar 07, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA - Now, more than ever before, we need to remain engaged and up-to-date on what's happening in global trade and we did just that at our 14th Annual Global Business Conference on March 1, 2017.

At a very quick glance, here's a just a snippet of the conference:

  • Mark Schaltuper presented intense BMI research with up-to-the-minute statistics, including possible scenarios for NAFTA negotiations.
  • In our Markets to Watch segment, Andrea Montanino provided an update on BREXIT; Rick Rossow told us why India should be on everyone’s target list; David Hamod explained why Middle East markets still prefer US products and services; John Andersen shared good news on Argentina, Peru, and Costa Rica, and why they make sense for our region; and all moderated by Julie Mostov who kept the conversation going.
  • Africa! We heard from Ngozi Bell, Chris Massaro and Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, who shared how they have been successful in doing business in Africa, “a continent of opportunity.”
  • Jim Clifton of Gallup, Inc. who gave a candid view of what the world is thinking and the least likely places to find the world's next entrepreneurial rainmakers, accompanied by Vipula Gandhi who gave a worldview of the workplace of the future and why the ASEAN Region remains a growth market, and all skillfully guided by world trade expert Grant Aldonas' provocative questions.

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