In the "World Trade Center Nizhny Novgorod" there is the lecture of Michio Kaku - the famous American physicist and professor of the New York University

May 29, 2013

Michio Kaku, the author of the bestseller "Physics of the Impossible" and "Physics of the future".

The event was organized by the Volga-Vyatsky Bank of Sberbank of Russia for its key clients, and the goal was to introduce the latest achievements of science and business, as well as to demonstrate the business opportunities in a constantly changing environment.

According to the forecasts of Professor Mitio Kaku in the near future world view is fundamentally the same: people will not be tied to Internet access points, as they will go online with mental commands, and medical research will be carried out through the "journey" of a tablet, a microchip on the body of the patient. Scanners will become as compact as a modern smartphone, and every household will innovative wall that will receive medical consultations at any time of the day.

The global economy will also change - in particular, the banking industry. "There will come a time, the ideal of capitalism. Consumers will own the complete information about the best bargains, and banks - on the needs of each client. In such a situation, and they both get their money," - says the professor.