Apr 18, 2022

The WTCA GA is the association's annual flagship event, bringing together representatives of member WTCs and their business networks. In 2022, the WTCA AG focused on business opportunities in Africa with a 100% virtual event, including two half days of live programming and a week of B2B networking opportunities across all time zones, via a free matchmaking platform powered by AI.

This AI-assisted B2B networking offered companies an effective and efficient way to make business contacts. Participants were able to take advantage of virtual meetings with other participants and let the algorithm do the work for them to find suitable business contacts.

AI-powered matchmaking tools maximised the time spent making business contacts. And WTCA's global community of MSMEs, economic development agencies, real estate developers, universities, logistics centres, airports, free trade zones and more provided the exponential reach participants needed to fing the right trade and investement opportunities in over 90 countries.

GA 2022 proved to be a unique and engaging event, focusing on business opportunities on the African continent with buyers, sellers and investors in the following areas :

  • Agriculture
  • Automation and automotive
  • Construction and engineering
  • Energy, power, gas, petroleum, renewables
  • Fintech, Enterprise Software, Data, IT
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metals and Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices
  • Real Estate Development, Rental, Leasing, Sales
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Transport, Logistics, Telecommunications