Our First Hotdeskers at World Trade Center Lyon!

May 23, 2017


LYON, FRANCE - Last month, in the previous WTCA newsletter, we proudly announced the launch of a new service of “Premium Hotdesk” at World Trade Center Lyon. As a reminder, up to five people from different companies are now able to share a bright, big office located at the 27th floor of Oxygen tower. Very fast bandwidth Wi-Fi is provided and all the needed comfort plus extra accesses to business lounges are given to our Hotdeskers, and we were pretty convinced we would quickly find our market with this – very valuable – offer. Especially as the users can come any time they wish, without any limits. Therefore, they really value this freedom and flexibility.

As a consequence, after less than three weeks of proposing Hotdesk to business people, three companies have already agreed with this offer and decided to go ahead. This situation was not preceded by any marketing or communication plan, such as “soon to be coming …”. From the moment we felt ready to host people with Hotdesks, the communication and the sales processes began at the very same time.

The first company which trusted us with this service is Energycare, represented by Mr Fabrice CAPOBIANCO and offering consulting and sales services of electrical facility. Few days later, MayaKare subscribed with its founder Mrs Stéphanie PATIN: this firm stands as the first Extra-financial Rating Agency of Medical devices. And then, they were joined by a Brazilian (perfectly fluent in French) businessman.

Our customers, working together in these shared spaces, are able to exchange relevant business information or simply to take the opportunity to get to know each other better.

As we were a month ago, we now definitely remain highly confident about the fact we shall soon host new Hotdeskers and expand this new community!

Foreign workers and companies are also welcome, they will benefit from great value for good business. Feel free to discover and explore our offers at World Trade Center Lyon!